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XD-S™ Pistols
XD, XDm or XD-S serial number location

Do Not Use a FedEx Drop Box! FedEx cannot ship firearms left in drop boxes, so your return must be taken to a staffed FedEx location for shipment.

Please note the following:
  • Please safely and properly unload your firearm and clean it before returning.  Refer to your XD-S™ manual for proper instructions.
  • Please place your cleaned and unloaded pistol without magazines or accessories in a shipping box prior to taking it into FedEx.  Shipping it in the original XD-S black case is acceptable, however the case must be in a shipping box when taking it into FedEx.
  • If you do not have the original case, we recommend carefully wrapping the pistol in something (such as bubble-wrap) to prevent it from moving around in the shipping box.
  • Pistols are authorized for 2-day air shipment. Please notify the shipping clerk that Springfield has an exception to the FedEx 1 day shipping requirement for firearms.  
  • When we ship your pistol back to you, an adult signature will be needed for FedEx to deliver it to you.